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Squinked Label Services

Customised and personalised packages

We offer a range of different packages to cater to each individual band and artists needs within the creative industry. 
Get everything you need from a label whilst remaining independent. Squinked Label Services offer everything from bios, press releases, social media assistance to photography sessions. All of our packages begin with Creative Consulting services. We begin by working with you to define your goals, then map out a clear plan to achieve them in a given timeline. Creating more success for you and your music.

LABEL SERVICES: Testimonials

Hannah has been a huge asset in the release of my latest album. Her press releases are polished and well-constructed and touch on the exact right points. As a result of this, her behind the scenes work on this album communicating with press and general hustle has netted me premieres, interviews and regular radio airplay and instilled the confidence in me that I can take my music career to the next level. She's super engaging and easy to work with, open and collaborative, always up for a chat, has fantastic advice to steer me in the right direction, and has a consistent record of high quality work. Just having another person in your corner is a huge motivation to push harder and put your energy into the right areas. Hannah's quality of work is evidenced by her growing roster of artists, so don't sleep on the opportunity to work with her

Nathan Nicholson (Flicker Vertigo)

The lovely Hannah has done it again. Written another press release for my latest single with finesse and pure clarity - Thank you Hannah.

VOLDY - Artist at ON3 Studio

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