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Neon Goblin is a red-hot three-piece boasting a collection of tracks to set your soul, alight.

With fuzz-laden guitar riffs and odd time signature, the group creates an eccentric live set, casting an air of exhilaration over their audience that is an experience in itself. The soaring vocal harmonies and counter melodies between the guitar and bass result in a full sound that suggests they are a much bigger band than a three-piece. 

The group is heavily influenced by the work of cream and other such legendary trios that evoked large-scale soundscapes, despite their stripped-back instrumentation. 


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Melbourne garage fuzz sibling duo Bellhop (made up of lead singer/guitarist Harry Watson and drummer Bella Watson) are set to release the introspective Tired Seagull on November 25th, and it’s a track for those that sometimes wish they could spread their wings and (literally) fly away.
The track is the band’s second release via Squinked Records, and the track sees Harry take on the perspective of a Frankston beach seagull. If you’ve ever shooed away a gull that was trying to steal one of your precious hot chips, this track will make you reflect on the plight of our feathered friends.
The band is influenced by the likes of ORB, Nirvana and Ty Segall, and Tired Seagull washes over listeners like a wall of distorted goodness. Harry’s vocals are piercing, full of the feeling of confusion and bewilderment that engulfs you when you’re looking for your place in the world. Poignant lyrics like “All that I know, all I feel is pain/Hide deep inside, drowning in my shame” speak directly to that feeling of displacement – in a metaphorical sense, aren’t we all seagulls looking for our place in the world?

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Carousel Club have been on a journey and it is finally time for that ride to come to an end. To celebrate the love, all of their wins, the fans that have been their from inception and all of the wonderful relationships and friends that have been made along the way; Carousel Club are releasing two final tracks, ‘Ghost’ and ‘What Ya Gonna Do’, produced and mastered by Michael Belsar.

Front man, vocalist and songwriter Ryan Cornelius, shared a few words:  

 “To the ones that supported us, to the talented/beautiful artists who have joined us on this carousel, it’s been a ride. Unfortunately, these will be our last. Through this journey we have made music we are incredibly proud of, friendships that will last forever and forever our music will live on. A massive thank you to everyone who made this possible. As a few of us have had some Carousel Cubs, so commitments have become increasingly difficult. But the story will continue for the many talented artists who made up Carousel Club, so please support and encourage what they do best. This double single is made up of “Ghost”, written for a friend, a song about dwindling love and being stuck in something no more, the process of moving forward and looking after yourself and one last fun one “What Ya Gonna Do”. Thanks for the love and the memories, they will live with us forever.”


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